Vol 11, No 1 (2019)

Empirische Bildungsforschung – eine Standortbestimmung

Table of Contents


List of Reviewers of Volume 10 PDF
Nele McElvany, Cornelia Gräsel
Empirical Educational Research - A look at where we are PDF (Deutsch)
Nele McElvany, Miriam Marleen Gebauer, Cornelia Gräsel 5-8

Interview about the Focus Topic

Empirical educational research in Germany: Retrospection, future and importance for educational science – Questions to Professor Lenzen PDF (Deutsch)
Dieter Lenzen 9-15

Article Focus

Social inequality and educational decisions over the life course: An educational sociology perspective PDF (Deutsch)
Hans-Peter Blossfeld, Gwendolin Josephine Blossfeld, Pia Nicoletta Blossfeld 16-30
Facing the life-cycle trade-off between vocational and general education in apprenticeship systems: An economics-of-education perspective PDF
Ludger Woessmann 31-46
Critical educational system development research: A normative-analytical research approach to schoolbased inequality research PDF (Deutsch)
Nils Berkemeyer, Björn Hermstein, Sebastian Meißner, Ina Semper 47-73
Learners with a migration background in the German school system and their support – Tradition and current trends PDF (Deutsch)
Ingrid Gogolin 74-91
What’s about the books? Social background of students and educational opportunities from the perspective of international large-scale surveys PDF (Deutsch)
Knut Schwippert 92-117
Unexpectedly successful schools in a digital age – An analysis of school characteristics of resilient school types based on the IEA study ICILS 2013 PDF (Deutsch)
Birgit Eickelmann, Julia Gerick, Mario Vennemann 118-144
Gender gap in reading digitally? Examining the role of motivation and self-concept PDF
Nele McElvany, Franziska Schwabe 145-165
New analyses of an old topic: Effects of intelligence and motivation on academic achievement PDF
Olaf Köller, Jennifer Meyer, Steffani Saß, Jürgen Baumert 166-189