Vol 6, No 3 (2014)

International perspectives on extracurricular activities

Table of Contents


International perspectives on extracurricular activities: Conditions of effects on student development, communities and schools – Editorial PDF
Natalie Fischer, Falk Radisch, Marianne Schüpbach 5-9

Article Focus

The benefits of extracurricular activities for socioemotional behavior and school achievement in middle childhood: An overview of the research PDF
Riitta-Leena Metsäpelto, Lea Pulkkinen 10-33
Exploring the relationships between LA’s BEST program attendance and cognitive gains of LA’s BEST students PDF
Denise Huang, Seth Leon, Deborah La Torre Matrundola 34-53
Quality of extracurricular activities - Considering developmental changes in the impact on school attachment and achievement PDF
Natalie Fischer, Désirée Theis 54-75
Out of school time activities and extended services in England: A remarkable experiment? PDF
Alan Dyson, Kirstin Kerr 76-94
Extended education and social inequality in Switzerland: Compensatory effects? An analysis of the development of language achievement with regard to structural and process-related aspects of social background PDF
Marianne Schüpbach 95-114
The challenge of change? The development of all-day schools and its implications for teacher stress PDF
Kathrin Fussangel, Vanessa Dizinger 115-133

Article General

Publication characteristics in the interdisciplinary field of educational research PDF (Deutsch)
Veronika Kuhberg-Lasson, Katja Singleton, Ute Sondergeld 134-155