Vol 6, No 2 (2014)

Table of Contents

Article General

A 9-year study of academically and vocationally educated parents’ perceptions of their children’s general abilities PDF
Hannu Räty 3-20
Individual differences in beginning teachers’ competencies – A latent growth curve model based on video data PDF
Robbert Smit 21-43
Indicators for a needs-based resource allocation in early childhood education: Regional data as valid proxies for setting level needs? PDF
Nina Hogrebe 44-65
Social relations and academic success in the German educational system PDF
Monja Schmitt, Michaela Sixt 66-88
What academic performance do students of the private BIP creativity schools achieve compared to a nationwide sample of students in public schools? PDF (Deutsch)
Frank Lipowsky, Tobias C. Stubbe, Gabriele Faust, Josef Künsting, Swantje Hadeler, Wilfried Bos 89-112
Immigrant inequality in German tertiary education PDF (Deutsch)
Cornelia Kristen 113-134


Tatto, Maria Teresa, Schwille, John, Senk, Sharon L., . . . Reckase, Mark (Eds.). (2012). Policy, practice, and readiness to teach primary and secondary mathematics in 17 countries PDF (Deutsch)
Sina Mews 135-140
Kuckartz, Udo (2012). Qualitative Inhaltsanalyse. Methoden, Praxis, Computerunterstützung PDF (Deutsch)
Michael Pawicki 141-145