Vol 4, No 1 (2012)

Assessment and development of social competence

Table of Contents


List of Reviewers of Volume 3 PDF
Wilfried Bos, Cornelia Gräsel 5-6
Assessment and development of social competence: introduction to the special issue PDF
Karl-Heinz Arnold, Carola Lindner-Müller 7-19

Article Focus

A psychometric analysis of a large-scale social competence inventory for elementary school children PDF
Kristina A. Frey, Wilfried Bos 20-46
Longitudinal assessment of elementary school students’ social self-concept in relation to social preference PDF
Carola Lindner-Müller, Carsten John, Karl-Heinz Arnold 47-72
Multisource assessed social competence as a predictor for children’s and adolescents’ later loneliness, social anxiety, and social phobia PDF
Niina Junttila, Marja Vauras, Päivi M. Niemi, Eero Laakkonen 73-98
Self- and other-oriented social skills: Differential associations with children’s mental health and bullying roles PDF
Sonja Perren, Christine Forrester-Knauss, Françoise D. Alsaker 99-123
Social Emotional Assets and Resilience Scales: Development of a strength-based short-form behavior rating scale system PDF
Rhonda N.T. Nese, Erin Doerner, Natalie Romer, Nicole C. Kaye, Kenneth W. Merrell, Karalyn M. Tom 124-139
Measuring social competencies in the teaching profession – development of a self-assessment procedure PDF
Uwe Peter Kanning, Wolfgang Böttcher, Christoph Herrmann 140-154


Book Review: Reinders, Heinz, Ditton, Hartmut, Gräsel, Cornelia & Gniewosz, Burkhard (Eds.). (2011). Empirische Bildungsforschung PDF
Kris-Stephen Besa, Karl-Heinz Arnold 155-157
Book Review: Semrud-Clikeman, Margaret (2007). Social competence in children PDF
Rhonda N.T. Nese 158-160