Indicator development in federal states – An analysis from the perspective of governance in the context of Canadian educational reporting

Eveline Wittmann


One function attributed to national education reporting is to enable a rational control of government regulation. However, educational reporting itself is the subject of political negotiation processes at the interface between science and politics. These can affect the quality of the development of the indicators. Empirically the question is of interest of how interdependence is shaped, which limitations ensue for the development of indicators, and which strategies the reporting institutions apply to deal with interdependence. Particularly in federal states, it is to be expected that the reporting authorities will be affected by restrictions which matter from the perspective of governance theory. The present paper analyzes the Canadian education reporting on the basis of criteria from governance theory, since, like German education, it is located in a federal education system. The Canadian experience provides evidence of how to deal with the problems of interdependence in the federal state.


Education indicators, Educational Reporting, Governance, Multi level

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