Assessing language indicators across the lifespan within the German National Educational Panel Study (NEPS)

Karin Berendes, Sabine Weinert, Stefan Zimmermann, Cordula Artelt


Based on a brief review of models and empirical results concerning the acquisition of language, a conceptual framework for assessing language competencies within the German National Educational Panel Study (NEPS) is outlined. Language-component-oriented approaches and functional-integrative perspectives on language competencies are compared, and their importance for the investigation of language development as well as for the measurement of language competencies is highlighted. Further, implications for a comprehensive assessment and design for measuring language competencies within a large-scale educational study will be presented, and the concrete measures of the NEPS will be mentioned. Finally, results of a small preliminary study are reported to show a theoretical and data-driven approach to select instruments for the NEPS surveys.


Language acquisition; Models of language competencies; Language assessment; Phonological awareness

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